Relationship Trade-Offs and Balances

There are few people in this world that can do everything alone. While many people are quite competent to pay the rent and utilities, they may have difficulty cooking meals. A person that knows how to fix just about everything may have problems keeping their life organized. There are strengths and weaknesses in every person. Recognizing this as the truth is part of being an adult and makes a person ready to be in a serious relationship.

One good thing about relationships is covering for each others' weaknesses. The ability to trade off tasks and needs with another person may solve many life issues. If one person is better at cooking than the other, it makes sense to let them cook. This doesn't mean the other person is lazy or taking advantage. They may simply have a set of skills that does not include cooking. The cook may be able to count on them fixing a leaky sink or doing the laundry to balance out the workload.