Building a Life Together

Dating is the perfect way to find a life partner in stages. The first date may be remembered as one of the worst times of the partners' lives, but this is not always a bad thing. They may be able to regale their grandchildren with the hilarious mix-up of events surrounding their first time out as a couple. These types of memories are priceless when two people have decided they will build a life as a couple.

Deciding to build a life together is an enormous commitment. The couple needs to be compatible in many ways. Their basic outlook on life must be near enough in concept to keep them from constantly fighting about finding solutions to life issues. They must both be able to look at life in a way that makes each of them feel comfortable. This feeling builds a sense of trust for the pair.

Once they have found out they both look at life the same way, a couple can then work toward making a commitment to see only each other. This is the stage where trust is built in the relationship. If there is a betrayal by one partner at this point, building a life together may never be possible. Trust is necessary because two people have to be able to spend time without their partner. To do this comfortably, they must trust the other person.

Forming a long term relationship or getting married is the culmination of the dating relationship. Both partners have passed the test of trust and agreement. This is the point where a permanent commitment comes into being. At this point each person should be able to trust their partner to compensate for their weaknesses and vice versa. The pair must be able to share the same values and goals in life.