Making a Long Term Commitment

When two people have been dating for a while, they may decide to make a commitment to see only each other. This is the first step in a series toward being in a long term relationship. Both partners should agree what the commitment means to them. If one person decides they are free to date others every third Tuesday but the other believes there will be no dating outside the relationship, it could lead to trust issues in the future.

Dating and making a solid commitment relies on trust. Each person must trust that the other will honor their agreement. It is an unrealistic expectation that one partner will always be able to check up on another. It is further impossible to maintain a good relationship without trust. This means both partners must be honest about their commitment. If one person feels they are not ready to make a commitment, they must tell the other person the truth.

It takes two people to make a committed relationship work. If only one person is committed, they will eventually discover the truth. It will be a painful realization that the other person has betrayed them. Second chances in this case are not a good idea. Once a person has been betrayed, the other person may feel they can do whatever they want when they are given a second chance. If a second chance is given, it should be done only after the person has earned that chance.

Committed relationships are supposed to be comfortable for both people. Trust is part of the bargain the two have made. If one person abuses that trust, it will certainly not be a good sign for continuing the relationship. If both parties honor the commitment and stay honest, they may have a glowing future together.