Dating Boundaries

Getting to know each other is important when dating, but it should have some areas where people feel they are not obligated to talk about everything. Being continually asked questions without the other person providing any information is often how a date can go wrong, so setting up some dating boundaries could be a good idea. It can take a bit of nerve for a person to push for the information they want without having to give away information they believe is private. Being able to walk that fine line can actually make a date better for both people.

Feeling awkward and shy when starting out on a date is normal, but both partners should be aware they will be expected to offer up some background information. Where a person was born, where they went to school, and the type of work they do can all be the questions they may be asked to answer. As long as the other person volunteers the same information, there are no boundaries being broken.

One person may feel they are begin interrogated as the other person continues to decline to answer any of their questions, and it may be time to take a break from the date. Eliciting information is part of what the couple is there to do, so a person holding back may have a dark reason to do it. Getting past it as if it is an obstacle is definite breaking the boundaries of civility, and ending the date quickly is often a good idea.

While there are people who have been shy for their entire life, dating is about being able to communicate with the other person. They may be hesitant at first, but respecting the give and take of information is well within the boundaries their date may have set, and they should be able to forgive a little hesitancy or nervousness as long as their questions are answered.